Year 2000 Wheeler County Fair

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Picture of Fossil population 430 sign. We visited the Wheeler County Fair and Rodeo on a Saturday morning. There are about 2000 people in Wheeler County. About one fourth live in the Fossil area.
Picture of 3 motorcycle riders. We left Shaniko with these 3 motorcycle riders. They were having the time of their life riding the twisty roads in Wheeler County. They arrived much quicker than we did.
Picture of Maggie Frank and Lois Jackson Here we have Maggie Frank on the left and Lois Jackson on the right. They live in Fossil. Maggie used to work on Rose Festival floats in Portland.
Picture of Queen Tawny Morris. Tawny Morris is this years Wheeler County Rodeo and Fair Queen. Her horse is Sage.
Picture of Rob Estabrook - cowboy. Here's our Rodeo guy Rob Estabrook. We met Rob in Gold Beach. We hope to see him next week in John Day. Rob was the NWProRodeo Pickupman of the year in 1998 and is the Director of the year in 2000.
Picture of cotton candy makers. Here we have the cotton candy brigade. Shannon Hamilton is on the right. Ben McCoin is hiding his face. Judy Jaeger in the hat is directing and Helen Asher is operating the cotton candy machine
Picture of Senator Vern Cook with Vicki. Who should we run into but Senator Vern Cook. He was out stumping for votes.
Picture of residents of 55+ home. Haven House is a retirement center in Fossil. Most of the 25+/- residents are from the Wheeler County area or have roots there. They were all out for the parade.
Picture of parade preparations. On the Saturday we were in Fossil there was a parade. These participants were forming up
Picture of parade. I think all 430 residents of Fossil were either watching or in the parade.
Picture lof us leaving Fossil. So, we bid a fond temporary farewell to Fossil and set out for Hermiston. We'll be back soon.

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