Year 2000 Coos County Fair

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Picture of fair entrance with flowers. Throughout the Coos County Fair at Myrtle Point there are large groups of Dahlias with colorspots of marigolds and other bright flowers. Someone does a major job of planting and planning for flowers throughout the year here.
Picture of meeting area with trees. Next to the open competition building and the food area is this large grassy area with tall trees. It was just delightful.
Picture of food area. This was a very nice food area. This end of the building was sponsored by the Coquille Lions Club. Other local service groups also have food booths. This area was kept neat and clean.
Picture of Betty making frybread. Betty making her Scones. If you ever see the "Betty's Scones" trailer at any event, have some scones or frybread. They are great. Betty has had a few years to perfect her baking.
Picture of newest Master Gardeners Coos County's newest Master Gardeners. Renee Blom on the left. Amy Herron standing. While we were there they found a very large slug that another county must have planted in the open competition flower area. They put a stop to that.
Picture of vegetable open competition. This is an excellent way to display open competition a supermarket vegetable display. My guess is the display came from a remodeled store. It's perfect.
Picture of horse judging. This was horse judging open competition. Riding was not involved. Presentation of the horse was important.
Picture of sheep judging. Sheep judging. This is such a good thing for the kids. The judge tells everyone what he expects from them and their animals 10 minutes before the judging begins. What proper clothing to wear, have their shoes tied, where to stand during judging, what he is looking for in their animal's training. This is good stuff. 4H kids learn poise and discipline today to lead by example tomorrow.
Picture of award winning sheep. Erin Jernstedt with her award winning ewe Sara. This was one of the best looking sheep we have seen at the fairs.
Picture of very closeup of bull. Ferdinand giving us a close look. We may have been tooooo close.
Picture of dairy cows. Coos County is a large dairy area. These young jersey and holstein cows were taking a little break.
Picture of ferris wheel. The amusement area was roomy with a large variety of rides.
Picture of A&W drive in. When we left Myrtle Point for Roseburg, we drove past this A&W drive in located near downtown Winston. We stopped. They have real drive up service. You drive up, press a button, give them your order. Soon, they bring out your food and you pay. You eat and go. Stop by sometime when you are visiting the Wildlife Safari.

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